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Long & Lean ~ A fusion of pilates and yoga stretching.
This class targets the smaller muscles that support your larger muscles which is crucial for joint stability. Core strength not only makes you appear taller, it keeps you safer during daily activities. With tiny motions, increased reps, intentional squeezes and pulses are designed to completely fatigue muscles to failure. After the intense isometric movements, you will finish the class off with the stretching segment. You will go through a series of lengthening movements that will take those muscle from a working, contracted state to a relaxed stretched position helping you achieve the long and lean physique you are looking for.

All Levels Yoga ~ Vinyasa flow is a combination of poses synchronized with breath, which creates an energizing flow that is rhythmic. It is a physically vigorous style of yoga that flows from pose to pose led by breath. Each practice is unique as it blends the standing poses, balancing poses, backward and forward bends in creative sequences. Students of all levels welcome.

Slow Yoga ~This class allows each student to flow thru a series of moderately challenging poses. Each series has been created to work thru lines in the body building strength, flexibility, and breaking thru energy stagnation. Suitable for all levels.

Restorative Yoga ~ Rest is different than sleep. Rest provides the body an opportunity to renew and heal. Restorative yoga postures are held longer, designed to lubricate the joints and deeply stretch the body’s connective tissues, especially in the hips, pelvis and lower spine. This is a therapeutic style of yoga that uses props for comfort, stability and balance. Calming, restorative yoga poses and breathing practices activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which can help you better handle stress and invoke feelings of deep relaxation. In this class poses are held for longer periods of time, making the muscles a little longer and stronger. This class is great for seniors, people suffering with injuries, and those newer to yoga.

Deep Stretch ~ This class will provide students with relaxing and rejuvenating exercises for flexibility. Slow-Deep-Stretch emphasizes flexibility in the major muscles as well as those surrounding the primary joints. Emphasis is placed on the breath to open space through the body and relieve physical and mental tension. A regular stretch class  can enhance flexibility, ease chronic pain and muscle soreness and its meditative quality can help achieve a state of calm similar to that found in restorative yoga.

Yoga/Restore ~Find your balance in this energizing and mellow yoga class. We will start this class with a strength and flexibility building invigorating flow and then transition into a more restorative approach to calm the body and mind. The combination of flow and restorative yoga is a perfect end to your workweek, allowing you to balance your practice. Restorative yoga is designed to help release tension, stretch muscles, calm down, and detoxify from over stimulation in a fast-paced world.

Total Body Fitness ~ Get the best results in the shortest amount of time! Total Body Fitness is an efficient workout that works your entire body; heart and muscles by going from one exercise to another with little or no rest. A little cardio added with some stations utilizing weights and balls will help burn calories and get your metabolic rate higher which helps with weight loss. You work, you sweat, and best of all you will burn calories like crazy! This class has upbeat, motivating music to keep you going!

During the 24 to 36 hours after your workout, there is an increase in your resting metabolic rate, basically, you are going to burn more fat over the next 24 to 36 hours than you normally would — as opposed to if you were doing a steady state workout like running on a treadmill.”

As long you’re cognizant of your personal fitness level, anyone can participate in Total Body Fitness.

This Tabata style of workout is becoming the go-to workout for athletes, celebrities, and anyone seeking maximum results in a shorter amount of time. Shape magazine calls this class “The 4-Minute Fat-Burning Miracle Workout.”

 Zumba® Fitness ~ This class is a fun cardiovascular workout based on latin rhythms and dance routines. You will get fit while learning great dance moves, choreographed to upbeat, energizing music. Zumba® Fitness offers a total body workout for all ages and fitness levels. It is designed to get you to move and groove! No dance experience required, just come and have fun burning calories!

Studio Barre Fitness ~ Studio Barre Fitness is one of the most highly effective and fun ways to burn fat and tone up. This class fuses yoga, pilates, toning and stretching. You will develop long, lean muscles, tone your core, seat, arms, legs and improve your posture. Our classes blend strength and stretching in a fun, friendly and high energy atmosphere.

 Stretch & Tone ~Designed to stretch and lengthen your muscles. Stretch and Tone is ideal for beginning exercisers or anyone looking to balance out their workouts with a low impact but challenging class, each class is a series of lengthening movements followed by a strength exercise to promote long lean muscle. You will improve muscle tone, posture, coordination and relieve stress with conditioning exercises, gentle stretching and strengthening techniques.

Chair Yoga ~ This class is great for someone just starting to stretch and is ready to work on posture, balance and ease of movement. It is well suited for those back surgeries, knee issues and replacement, hip replacements, neurologic issues and those wishing to get out and start moving. This class is also very calming and relaxing.





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